Om Namo Bhagavate Jagatprasutaye Nam

Vidhha Therapy

In Maharashtra Bhismacharya used to practice Vidhha to relieve pain. This ancient therapy is revived now and used at Aarogyadham for all types of pains. Patient with a knee pain came to Aarogyadham, our doctors treated him with Viddha Therapy and he was relieved from pain. Viddha Therapy is used for all types of pain including knee pain, back pain, heel pain in Aarogyadham by Dr. Kulkarni.

Kati Basti Therapy

Focusing on the lower back and spinal nerves, Kati Basti corrects postural imbalances and alleviates the tension caused from sitting for prolonged periods. A patient with a severe lower back pain was recommend at least four treatments to get the full benefit of decreasing toxins around joints and immediately he was relieved from stress and sprain of muscles.

Pottali Swed Therapy

Pottali Swed is used for knee joint pain, shoulder pain and back pain. A patient approached us with complain of knee joint pain, he was unable to walk, he had already consulted Orthopedic Surgeon who advised him MRI SCAN and a surgery thereafter, he was successfully treated at Aarogyadham with Pottali Swed along with some other therapies, medication and also escaped surgery.

Spastic Swed Therapy

Spastic Swed is very effective tool which is used to Aarogyadham for Inflamation and pain related to Rheumatoid Arthritis where other therapies are not applicable. A case where a patient was in acute pain was treated with Spastic Swed by our therapist and after 5 sittings patient experienced complete relief from pain.

Pinda Swed Therapy

Hot fomentation is a very ancient method used for conditions of knee joint pain, should pain, low back pain. Therapist at Aarogyadham massage the body with warm medication, lotus treated with specific herbs to dry out the toxins in the body and increase circulation, this helps to penetrate deeper into the tissues which softens the stiff and tightens the muscles. Our therapists are taught using traditional methods which ensures an authentic experience.

Hridaya Basti Therapy

Modern lifestyle has increased the ratio of cardiac problem among the young generation. Cardiac problems like hypertension, palpitation are treated at Aarogyadham with the help of Hridat Basti. Many patients with problems like stress, strain, anger, sadness that have not been improved by others has quickly and effectively resolved the problem, proving that it is often the best treatment method.

Snehan Swedan Therapy

Snehan and Swedan are the significant preparatory procedures of Panchkarmas. Snehan or Oleation therapy helps in loosening the bodytoxins which are stuck up into our body systems and Swedan or Sudation therapy is sweating induced by steam, it is used to relieve excess doshas from the body. At Aarogyadham Often patients come to Aarogyadham and get admitted for Snehan and Swedan Therapy for relaxation, after the therapy you will feel like you have just come back from a vacation.

Vaman Therapy

Vaman is a medicated emesis therapy which removes cough toxins collected in the body and respiratory track, everyone is eligible for Vaman Therapy from toddler to aged people. This therapy is used for various conditions like vitiligo, psoriasis, hyperacidity, brochial asthama, obesity, oedema, skin disease.

Nasya Therapy

Nasya improves insomnia, various types of headaches, migraines, ear, nose and throat related problems, hair problems and eye related problems. Nasya involves usage of medicated oil through the nose to clean accumulated cough toxins from the head and neck region, after admitting patients experience instant relief from pain.

Netra Tarpan Therapy

Tarpan means nutrition. For irritated and stressed eyes other netra rogas, Tarpan is administered at Aarogyadham. This treatment aims at providing a complete rejuvenation for the eyes. Nowadays with excessive use of computers, laptop, television, mobile, tablets, the new generation suffers from untimely eye problems. This is a special Ayurvedic treatment for eyes to relieve them from tiredness, reduce puffiness and eliminate dark circles.

Shirodhara Therapy

Pouring of oil, milk or medicated buttermilk on the forehead continuously for a specific period is called Shirodhara. Shirodhara often induces a mental state similar to a trance, which creates deep relaxation of the mind and body, also relieves stress and strain related problems and nourishes the hair/scalp, improves memory nervous disorders and certain psychiatrist diseases. We have experienced positive feedback from the patient after Shirodhara therapy.

Agnikarm Therapy

Therapist at Arogyadham treats the patient with various illness, sciatica, psoriasis, pain, pimples which are related to musculoskeletal and cosmetology. In Agnikarm therapy heated shalaka is used. At Arogyadham it is used for psoriasis very frequently by Dr. Kulkarni because Agnikarma does not allow the disease to reoccur once they are treated by it.

Kshar Sutra Therapy

Dr.Uday Kulkarni is trained in Kshar Sutra therapy and has cured numerous cases by using this therapy. He is focused on the diagnosis of hemorrhoids (piles) along with other related diseases like fissure, fistula and effective and long lasting treatment for the same. The important feature of this therapy is that most of the cases can be carried out on the same day of the examination. It is the most comfortable, non-surgical and convenient technique.

Fistula Ablation

Agnikarm is used in modern way which is economical than therapy like fistutectomy loser treatment. At Aarogyadham Dr. Kulkarni offers treatment of fistula by Agnikarm which is Aarogyadham speciality.

Sauna Bath Therapy

Artificial environment, lack of exercise, synthetic clothing sedentary lifestyle, ill-diet takes a toll on our skin and overall health. Sauna bath helps in taking care of skin and overall wellbeing by opening the pores and removing toxins from the body and blood. At Aarogyadham sauna bath is used for relaxation weight loss and many more.

Avagah Swed Therapy

Avagah Swed means sweating by immersion. At Aarogyadham Avagah Swed is used for treating diseases like hernia, painful or severe rheumatism or other disorders of vat dosha and skin diseases, due to Avgah Swed full body relaxation is experienced by patient.

Tikta Kshir Basti Therapy

At Arogyadham T.K.Basti is used for treatment of Sandhivat, it is a degeneration disorder, wherein the degeneration of Asthidhatu occurs. T.K. Basti shows drastic improvement in joint functions and is a perfect remedy for Asthigat Roga.

Vajeri Basti Therapy

Patients are treated with Vajeri Basti therapy for intestinal problems, we have seen excellent results in patients suffering from CKD (Kidney disease) with elevated serum creatinin levels and patients who are advices to undergo dialysis.

Yapan Basti Therapy

Yapan Basti is very useful for checking the process of aging in male and female infertility. It is used for patients who are having very generalized debility . After Yapan Basti therapy patients feel rejuvenated and energetic.

Uttar Basti

Uttar Basti is an important Panchkarma procedure for Genitourinary disorders in both males and females. This theory is useful for further treatment of infertility, paralysis, bronchical asthama, psoriasis, hepatitis, skin problem and tubal block.


Jaccuzzi is a best therapy used at Aarogyadham for urustablmb muserloskeletal pain, flowy water gives patients exotic relief and relaxation. This could be the best treatment for patients suffering from AVN. It provides a relaxing, de-stressing & rejuvenating therapy treatment, that you leave feeling like a new you.

Accubed Therapy

When patients come complaining stress and strain, we advice Accubed therapy for complete relaxation, patients feel very fresh and stress-free within few minutes of the therapy. We believe our therapists do have that magic touch. This is the ability of understanding your body’s needs, by using body works techniques.


Letting blood out of the body is called rakta mokshan.Blood is the important dhatu of the human body. Blood when gets infected it leads to many health problems of the human body. Hence to prevent the body from getting diseased it is necessary to remove this infected blood out of the body. Read More


This is a deep rhythmic massage for a complete body workout. Used to alleviate stress, ease aching muscles and revive the senses, this powerful, customized massage is perfect for everyone. Dynamic blends of Essential Oils are used to target individual needs and reduce specific stress and muscle tension.

Manya Basti

Manya means neck and Basti is the treatment in which the oil is made to be worn. So the treatment in which the oil is made to be worn on the cervical or the neck region is called Manyabasti. It is useful in cervical spondylosis, cervical pain and numbness of neck region and hands.