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Ayurshaili Associate/ Franchisee Module.


We encourage practitioners and entrepreneurs who are looking to start their career in healthcare to explore Dr. Kulkarni’s Aarogyadham. Learn from the operators who have been working in the Dr. Kulkarni’s Aarogyadham, Wellness field and operating successful clinics for the past 5 years.

For those individuals looking to become an Aarogyadham Associate a background in healthcare is not required to operate your own clinic. By joining the Dr. Kulkarni’s Aarogyadhaam team we show you how to transition into the healthcare (Wellness) market utilizing partnerships with professional Wellness workers.

Ayurshaili Wellness Pvt Ltd welcomes current practitioners or clinic owners that would like to transform their existing business into an Aarogyadham clinic. The Associate/ Franchise fee would remain at (To be mentioned), and the Aarogyadham team would complete a detailed assessment of your clinic and provide you with a detailed written report what they believe is required to bring your clinic in line with the then current Ayurshaili Associate/ Franchise Module.

The number one goal is to ensure you are adequately equipped to provide the range of services offered and your patients receive the Dr. Kulkarni’s Aarogyadham experience they have become accustomed to.

Ayurshaili Wellness Pvt Ltd. will be with you in:

  • Assistance in layout & Design including merchandiser.

  • Training to Doctors.

  • All administrative forms & formats.

  • Training to other administrative staff.

  • Franchise coordinator to monitor the clinic business & guide on ongoing basis.


  • Be part of Established Brand & growing business.

  • Nominal Refundable deposits.

  • Nominal/Innovative Deposit schemes.

  • Unique procedures for managing diseases.

  • Treatment of Joint Pain, Arthritis, Skin Disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, Weight Management & many other conditions.

13 Steps for opening a Associate/ Franchisee:

Step 1: Interested parties complete an application and forward it to Aarogyadham Hospital (Manpada).

Step 2: The Ayurshaili Wellness Pvt Ltd, reviews the application, determines suitability and next steps.

Step 3: There should be a fit between the applicant and a meeting is arranged between the interested party and a member of the Aarogyadham team.

Step 4: If the application is approved, the interested party signs a non-disclosure agreement and is given an Associate/ Franchise Agreement, in certain provinces they will also be provided a Associate/ Franchise Disclosure Document in addition to the Agreement.

Step 5: There is a 14 day cooling off period before executing any agreements, this is to protect the Associate/ Franchisee and ensure proper consideration and evaluation is completed before committing to the Associate/ Franchise.

Step 6: The Associate/ Franchise Agreement is signed and the Associate/ Franchise fee is deposited with Ayurshaili Pvt Ltd.

Step 7: The Associate/ Franchisee begins to secure financing, and look for appropriate locations. Ayurshaili also advises the real estate broker community of this opportunity, or followed by personal lead.

Step 8: Potential locations are toured by both the Associate/ Franchisee and Ayurshaili once a location is approved by Ayurshaili Wellness Pvt Ltd, the Associate/ Franchisee will negotiate a lease.

Step 9: The Associate/ Franchisee hires a contractor to complete the required renovations and works alongside Ayurshaili for all the design requirements to bring in Uniformity & Standardization across all Dr. Kulkarni’s Aarogyadham Clinics & Hospital.

Step 10: Training is scheduled, equipment ordered and an opening day is established.

Step 11: The Associate/ Franchisee is trained at another location prior to opening.

Step 12: The clinic is complete, equipment delivered, staff hired, and initial advertising takes place within the community in association with the Dr. Kulkarni’s Aarogyadham and Associate/ Franchisee.

Terms and Conditions Apply. All rights reserved with Aarogyadham.

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