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Unique Family Card

For Complete wellness get the benefit of this

Aarogyadham Family Card Offers & Facilities can be available at all affiliated centers. For details contact Aarogyadham

Health benefit for wellness Card Holder

  • Monthly health alerts

  • Seasonal alerts

  • Weekly SMS alerts is for good living

  • Preference on clinic services (For Diamond & Platinum cards)

  • Concession on investigations (At selected diagnostic centers)

  • Monthly yoga program

  • Memory enhancing program

  • Access to e-magzine articles around the year

  • Preference for entry to various programs

  • Participation in activities as Aarogyadoot for your recreation and socialising

Manpada - 25841564 | Ghantali - 25433036 Kopri - 9869206364

Get your family card now

In this journey of complete wellness which is the need of the hour, Aarogyadham would like to introduce to a unique Family Card offering large number of benefits against small investments.

Family Card is especially designed for you to take maximum benefits on different therapies and medical advice. This program is an investment which will reflect in the form of healthy you.

Your Family Card works on these principles

  • Your complete medical Screening (through Aarogyadham, Personal checking)

  • Necessary practical changes and preventive cyclical and seasonal Panchakarma advices (based on the findings)

  • Keeping track of your health, regular alerts and precautions against seasonal changes

  • Timely Interventions to avert major illness and fatality