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Therapist at Arogyadham treats the patient with various illness, sciatica, psoriasis, pain, pimples which are related to musculoskeletal and cosmetology. In Agnikarma therapy heated shalaka is used. At Arogyadham it is used for psoriasis very frequently by Dr. Kulkarni because Agnikarma does not allow the disease to reoccur once they are treated by it.


Anal Fistula or Fistula-in-Ana is chronic abnormal communication between the epithelialized surface of the anal canal and usually the perianal skin. Anal fistula originate from the anal glands which are located between the internal and external anal sphincter and drains into the anal canal. Fistula in Ano is done at Aarogyadham using special pnebes and Kshar Sutra treatment. It is not painful. It is quick and can be done on OPD Basis, no need of operations and admissions for long duration required, sitz bath, local dressing and few oral medicines are given. Kshar Sutra is changed weekly, it is inexpensive as compared to the various other surgical procedures.


A female patient came to our hospital. She had lot of pain in the anal region, so could not sit when required she had history of longstanding constipation and painful (strainful bowel movements) she was very restless, on examination of the anal region showed, external hemorrhoid, lot of inflamed skin around the anus, sit bath, oral medication to relieve pain and there after a special treatment of Ksharsootra was done to remove the external piles. This specially trusted for its non recurring property. In 7 days the pile totally fell off, no anal pain or irritation motions were normal and patient way happy to wake up tension free mornings.


Fissure in ano is a troubling and painful condition that affects a great majority of the population world over. The nature and anatomy of fissure in ano is quite clear, and much is known about the various predisposing and contributing factors that lead to initiation and progression of the disease. The preferred method of treating them, one that results in optimal clinical results and the least pain and inconvenience to the patient, however, has been open to debate. Read More


New Challenges
Doctor, myself established architect! Love to be creative as its my passion & profession but unable to conceive for last 9 years.... how nature can deprived me from being atmost creative & be a mother? Want to have baby desperately. Had major accident & head injury last year while going for IVF can Ayurveda help? Even though over population is burning issue for India now-a-days incidences of Infertility are rising. New & latest technologies, medicines to help these conpels but still many of them are sad & depressed & not having babies. The above 35 years female was amongst one of them. She conceived after 6 months of treatment.

Ayurveda explains infertility in beautiful way. Ovum & sperm, uterine cavity & tubes, hormonal support, cervical factor etc., are required to conceive. It is compared with nourishing & growing a seed in correct environment, soil, water, sunlight etc.

3 Things are mainly consider:

Couple unable to conceive within 2 years of married life with togetherness.
Female conceives but unable to grow foetus & prone to miscarriages & abortion.
Genetic abnormalities.


Modern technology can guide us the exact cause of Infertility:-


Blood test to know infection/ hormonal imbalances
Semen analysis – to know count & motility C & S test to rule out infection
Sonography colour Doppler study to know blockages or mal formations of reproductive system.
Genetic studies too.


Blood Test :- to know hormonal imbalances & ovum capacity.
Sonographical ovulation monitoring.
Hysterosalpinography to know tubal factor.
Cervical mucus- analysis
Other tests to know sperm incompatibility & many more. Ayurveda has explained it in different manner.

22 years of clinical experience in this field has enriched with different aspect of right diagnosis on the base of Ayurved principals

Knowledge of Constitution of both the partners make us understand the duration of the treatment(probable)
Vaginal secretion test – to know doshic predoruinance & its interference in sperm permeability.
Cervical mucus test
Sperm & ovum qualitative test etc.

Treatment Modules

Myths about Ayurved treatments are mainly its time consuming, difficult, expensive & suspicion of results.
Ayurved fertility treatment in Aarogyadham specifically personalised still the explained modules are used frequently.

Panchakarma for both the partners. (Side benefits, weight loss, happiness & positivity, increased energy etc.)
Uttar Basti - Main treatment to regain fertility with different combination of medicines used in uttarbasti (medicine to be given by vaginal route with all aseptic precautions)
Herbal Supplements – Kamal, Yashtimadhu, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Audumbar etc. Different kind of herbal supplements which actually enhance over all health & support fertility.
Specific Medicines for husband & wife to cover the exact problem along with counselling. To understand our problem & to deal with it is a difficult task for infertile couples – Acceptance, to know & patiently involve in treatment schedule is all which is required. Holistic approach of infertility treatment is need of the day.