Om gam ganeshaya namaha Om klim gam gam gam mahaganapataye namaha

Viram Dham

For Complete wellness get the benefit of this

Palliative (i.e. supportive) care for elderly persons. As you know, post paralysis, post operation, elderly bed ridden, wounded or weak persons, parents or senior citizens require special care. Viramdham is a project for Bed ridden or elderly persons who require special attention. Subject – Introducing Palliative Care Initiative in Thane for Senior Citizens.

In today’s situation a survey of major illness show’s that many of our Health issues are due to Improper Lifestyle & ignorance towards our own health. This can be reversed with proper guide line & life style changes, it’s been observed that in today’s fast moving & competitive Life we tend to ignore our Parents growing age & their needs.

Ayurvarta is in association with Dr. Kulkarni’s Aarogyadham have introduced,“A Special Palliative Care (VIRAM-DHAM)” initiative for all Senior Citizens who are looking for complete care in absence of their care taker. We provide here an environment that deals with various needs of the aged people. Healthy food that is specially designed considering the digestive issues, clean & hygienic room facilities, Space for Entertainment; Interactions & discussions on various health problems & awareness.

This initiative is developed for today’s time by understanding the need of elderly People & to give them Healthy, Independent & Wellness Life.